Working Group (WG)​

Working Group (WG)​

Carbon Neutral Design WG

To discuss the method of calculating GHG emissions using business process simulation, and explore the understanding of specific utilization methods and operational methods for practical application.

Supply Chain Emissions Data WG

To contribute to GHG reduction by accumulating various GHG emissions in the supply chain, converting them into data, and accumulating and sharing the data necessary for various decisionmaking as collective knowledge of participating companies and research institutions.

CPS Platform WG

To discuss the use of CPS for overall optimization by linking heterogeneous organizations with a data model, and aim for the application and social implementation of this platform in various fields.

Circular Economy WG

Aiming at the social implementation of the circular economy, we will promote the application of LCS (Life Cycle Simulation) in various fields using the simulation technology provided by the Green CPS Platform.

※Separate membership (discount) is required for the circular Economy Subcommittee in order to cooperate with Waseda CVC (Conso).

Other activities

Dissemination activities
  • ■ Symposium, member communication
  • ■ Demonstration project for GHG realization
  • ■ Dissemination of experiential education systems to educational institutions
Policy proposal
  • ■ Policy recommendations for CN and GHG

Enrollment Guidance

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