Purpose of Establishment​

Toward an environmentally friendly society and industry

As you know, for the future of human civilization, the promotion of management strategies to sustain the global environment is the biggest and most urgent issue we face. In the global economic system, each organization's actions to increase profitability and business scale are working to create material and energy losses. What we need to do now is to control the losses (wastage) in economic activities as a whole system through mutual cooperation among organizations in order to reduce various losses (wastage) while promoting economic growth, and to build a society and industry that is friendly to the global environment.

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Concept of the Consortium's Activities

Promotion of activities toward carbon neutrality

In order to realize this goal, we believe that it is important to develop a multi-organizational collaborative activity with fundamental technologies at its core, and have established a general incorporated association in 2022 that brings together the knowledge of industry, academia, and government. Here, we are working together to develop a new green strategy and promote it widely in society together with our stakeholders. Academic experts in the fields of carbon neutrality (CN), circular economy, and production systems, as well as participants from the manufacturing industry, telecommunications, electric power, construction, logistics, finance, consulting firms, and others, are invited to participate. The CIPP is being promoted as an activity to build the future society. The following are the guidelines for the activities of the Consortium.

■ Design for carbon neutrality

We seek to clarify the steps to be taken to reduce GHG emissions in on-site reform activities by making it possible to evaluate GHG emissions based on the design of business systems and operations.

■ To be able to correctly evaluate and reflect on-site and corporate efforts.

In addition to evaluating the results of activities toward CN, we will ask what measures have been taken and what efforts have been accumulated toward the results, and we will pursue the concept for this.

■ Accumulate GHG emissions, convert them into data, and promote their mutual use.

We aim to establish a framework that contributes to the reduction of GHG emissions by allowing each participant to accumulate GHG emissions data from Japan and overseas, as well as to aggregate, upgrade, disseminate, and mutually utilize their own knowledge.

■ Development of a CPS to promote the overall optimization of GHG emissions.

Promote activities to build various collaborative applications on the "Green CPS Platform" and promote the spread of support functions that integrate and optimize GHG emissions and economic efficiency.

■ Provide learning opportunities for each organization and support their level up.

To understand the activities of each company in the subcommittees established by the organization, and to obtain opportunities to share knowledge and learn in order to lead to further reforms in participating companies.

■ Promote environmental awareness-building education for members of the organization, students, and the public.

One of the goals of this activity is to foster awareness of environmental issues. For example, through the dissemination of an educational system that fosters awareness through gaming, we will promote the fostering of the ability to take action toward social issues.

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Enrollment Guidance

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