In cooperation with reducing GHG emissions, the Consortium promotes the following activities in order to accelerate behavioral changes in the industrial world in this era of dramatic change.

01Designing GHG emission reduction through physical layer business process design

We work with researchers who are active in various fields such as academia and industry. In addition, we share the latest trends through symposiums from the policy-making side (METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), etc.), consult on issues faced by member companies, and support problem-solving through joint research. We will co-create activities in various ways.


02A framework for accumulating GHG emissions in the supply chain, converting them into data, and using them mutually

We aim to create a framework that contributes to the reduction of GHG by having each participant accumulate GHG emissions data in Japan and overseas, aggregate and improve their own knowledge, and disseminate and mutually use it.


03Development of CPS to promote overall optimization by integrating and linking organizations and business categories

We will promote activities to build various cooperative applications on the green CPS platform. Here, we will also provide support functions for integrating and optimizing GHG emissions and economic efficiency, and promote the construction and spread of foundations for a sustainable society.


04Dissemination of green education system to encourage behavioral change in related organizations

In order to realize a carbon-neutral and circulating type society, it is important for corporate management, employees, and many citizens to understand the issues and change their awareness. Here, we will prepare a virtual experience system for carbon neutrality and promote its spread to universities, companies, governments, etc. starting from mainly for members.


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